On 16 March 2022, DCG-owned Luno announced the official launch of its investment division - Luno Expeditions. The newly minted investment division which has been in stealth mode for a few months is already a global, early-stage investment division that supports and invests in fintech and crypto/web3 founders and projects.

Thus far, before the official announcement and whilst it was in stealth mode during 2021, Luno Expeditions has reported to already having invested in over 20 crypto/web3 and fintech startups and companies globally. These include a crypto compliance solution in Israel, an NFT marketplace in the United States of America, a bank dedicated to women in Pakistan, and a remittance solution in Tanzania.

What has also caught attention is the fact that Luno Expeditions have indicated that they intend to invest in between 200 to 300 crypto/web3 and fintech projects globally. Clearly signaling their belief in the ecosystem and their commitment to its future. As a sign of this, the team heading up Luno Expeditions prides itself in having been fintech founders and operators themselves. As such, having worked in the trenches, they believe they are better positioned to understand the startups and companies they will be working with. A refreshing Venture Capital approach as in most cases some VCs are finance people who had never founded any startups in the sectors they want to invest in.

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