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Casino Books You Must Read

Men and women in the gambling industry have long turned to books for inspiration, to read anecdotal stories, and improve their skills in different casino games. Thankfully, there are hundreds of casino books out there you can read giving you a lot of insight into different games.

Thereโ€™s no cavalry coming - itโ€™s time for business to step up to make change happen

There will be no sudden arrival of the cavalry to rescue us and that will affect the socio-economic change South Africa needs anytime soon. The only solution going forward is private/public co-operation and, as harsh as the statement might seem, itโ€™s necessary.

Ransomware-as-a-service, Cyber Attacks for Hire

The cyber threat landscape is increasing drastically as black hat hackers become more robust and innovative when deploying cyber attacks. Just over the period month of July 2021, the QV Research Team published 17 bulletins reporting 115 vulnerabilities for which exploits are actively available.

Challenge of Recruiting from a Market with High Unemployment Rate

This is why instead of advertising for jobs, small companies will just look for referrals. This is a common practice that means that those who do not have the networks may not get the jobs, even when they have all the skills. Those without networks and connections end up losing the game.

How technology can build opportunities for entrepreneurs in their communities

In particular, technology should help solve existing problems. Whether itโ€™s sending and receiving money across national borders, making sure people can get to scheduled healthcare appointments, or helping store owners accept and track payments, there are problems to be solved.

5 must-read tech books for 2021

The following are some of the best to read, and possibly on their way to being some of the all time best tech books, if you want insight into the world of tech, the people and companies involved, as well as being able to read about what happens behind closed doors.

Science fiction books build mental resilience in young readers

According to research, science fiction provides more than escapism for young readers., including mental resilience.

What happens when the fundamentals that a business is based on change?

In his book, Andy S. Grove (ex-CEO of Intel), talks about a Strategic Inflection Point in business. This is explained as "a time in the life of a business when its fundamentals are about to change."

A book that digs deep into the inner workings of Spotify

The book, Spotify Teardown - Inside The Black Box of Streaming Music, tells a story of how Spotify is not what it generally says it is, it is actually more like Facebook, an advertising and user data driven company.