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NBA Africa seeking to further grow the game

Evidence of how far African basketball has come in a short while can be seen all over the rosters of the top NBA teams.

Mobile laboratories to bring accredited food testing to rural parts of South Africa

South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is collaborating with Mobile Agricultural Skills and Development Training (MASDT) to introduce mobile laboratories for food testing in rural areas.

Reducing the digital gender divide in Burundi and Ethiopia

Combining their resources, ITU and EIF will enhance efforts to benefit women in Burundi, Ethiopia, and Haiti. This will be achieved by building capacity at the policy level, increasing governments' ability to mainstream gender and information and communication technologies (ICTs)

Building a secure African digital ecosystem

World Cyber Security Summit - Africa succeeded in bringing in fresh narratives, innovative ideas and awareness on key areas such as cyber threat intelligence, data governance, data privacy and cyber regulations in the African region.

Africa's first-ever Virtual Reality market

The VR Market is the first of its kind in Africa and La Maison Des Arts will be connecting people while making real-life shopping and social experiences a possibility from their homes, all via the usage of Virtual Reality.

World Cyber Security Summit 2020 - Africa edition

On 28 August 2020, Trescon’s World Cyber Security Summit Africa will unearth cyber intelligence strategies, critical investment opportunities, and threats in the African cybersecurity ecosystem from leading voices in cybersecurity.

Championing access to education support

Snapplify’s cloud services tools help partners to champion access to education support Tenacious Tutors is one of several Snapplify partners utilising the edtech company’s technology to better support students.