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Craig McLeod on building and scaling tech startups

In this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show, Craig McLeod, CEO of BoxCommerce shares with us what it takes to build a tech startup that scales. Craig also shares insights on venture capital, the importance of having the right team, and more.

Dion Chang discusses trends that are shaping our zeitgeist

In this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show, we are joined by Dion Chang, Founder of South Africa’s Flux Trends. Dion discusses and helps us understand some of the trends that look like they are shaping our zeitgeist.

Denisha Kuhlor on startups, music, and technology

In this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show, Denisha Kuhlor, a relationship manager responsible for Early Stage Tech at New York's Grasshopper Bank, discusses holding investors accountable for the commitments they make to Black startups as well as music and technology.

Ben Basche on trends that are shaping the future of technology

Ben Basche, a Product Manager at one of the largest entertainment companies in Africa, joins The Tefo Mohapi Show to discuss Apple vs Epic Games and other trends shaping the future of technology.

Oresti Patricios on the state of the media industry

Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico Group, is a guest on this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show to talk about the state of the media industry and the effects of fake news, programmatic advertising, and more.

Terry Virts on life in space

For this episode of The Tefo Mohapi Show we are joined by Terry Virts, a retired NASA astronaut and former commander of the International Space Station. He talks to us about how it is like to live in space.

Oby Ezekwesili on corruption and politics

An in-depth discussion with Oby Ezekwesili to help us understand the origins of corruption in Africa, the incentives that exist to help it spread, and some ways we can curb it. Mama Ezekwesili also shares some thoughts on how we can fix politics.