It has been two years since we lost our beloved founder, Tefo Mohapi. As we commemorate his passing, we reflect on his extraordinary contributions to the world of technology and innovation in Africa. Tefo's vision and leadership at iAfrikan left an indelible mark on the tech landscape, inspiring countless individuals to pursue mastery and excellence.

In addition to being a technological innovator, Tefo was a storyteller who believed that narratives may influence how we perceive the world. We are honoured to present podcasts and articles that capture Tefo's passion for technology, creativity, and fostering a sense of community in remembrance of his passing. These articles highlight the efforts of exceptional people who, like Tefo, are significantly advancing the ICT sector in Africa.

This week's top stories

Are You Passionate About Data Science and Machine Learning? Meet Kathleen Siminyu
In this podcast, we introduce Kathleen Siminyu, a dynamic data scientist at Africa’s Talking. Kathleen is not only driving technical innovation but also championing inclusivity and community building in the field. Her work demonstrates the transformative power of data science and machine learning, and her commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive tech community aligns with Tefo’s vision of empowering individuals through technology. [WATCH]

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in South Africa with Prof. Ulrich Paquet
Prof. Ulrich Paquet takes us on a journey through the evolution of artificial intelligence in South Africa. He provides a historical perspective on the country’s AI winter, a period when the sector was dormant, and discusses its subsequent resurgence as AI technology advanced and gained popularity. Moreover, Prof. Paquet shares insights from his involvement in the development of the Xbox One console at Microsoft Research, highlighting the intersection of academic research and industry application. His reflections offer a fascinating glimpse into the past, present, and future of AI in South Africa. [WATCH]

The Sale of Mobile Towers and Industry Trends
Despite the profitability of the tower industry, mobile operators are offloading their tower infrastructure. This strategy, known as "Towers-as-a-Service," involves selling towers to independent tower companies and leasing back the space. We investigate why so many operators are disinvesting from their own infrastructure.

As we continue to celebrate Tefo’s legacy, we are reminded of the profound impact he had on all of us. His dedication to innovation, education, and community remains a guiding light for iAfrikan and for all those inspired by his journey.

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