Greetings, visionaries and tech enthusiasts! Welcome to this week's weekly newsletter, a captivating trip through the beating core of African innovation. Our digital caravan will share tales of ground-breaking technology while tying together the complex webs of possibility and advancement. So buckle up, because we are about to set out on an exhilarating journey through Africa's technological savannahs!

This week's top stories

Navigating the Seas of Connectivity
Picture this: A cable ship named after a 18th-century mathematical trailblazer, navigating the depths of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Orange's Sophie Germain is not just a vessel; it's a symbol of ingenuity connecting nations. Dive into the article and discover how this technological marvel is rewriting the rules of undersea cable repairs and reshaping Africa's digital destiny. [Continue Reading]

Telecom Egypt's WeConnect Ecosystem
WeConnect, an ecosystem that rings with the promise of simplified connectivity across three continents, was unveiled by Telecom Egypt on the IT orchestration stage. Consider a digital playground where users can arrange connectivity like jigsaw puzzle pieces. The story of WeConnect, a revolutionary piece of Africa's digital infrastructure, is told in this article. [Continue Reading]

A Comparative Analysis of Mobile Networks in Kenya
Meet Maryanne Kitany, the tech-savvy MP on a mission to rewrite the rules of the digital game in Kenya. Dive into her visionary motion, a call to arms for government regulation of internet billing to ensure no citizen is left in the shadows of the digital revolution. This article is your backstage pass to the drama, the vision, and the potential triumph of driving digital inclusion in Kenya. [Continue Reading]

The Rise and Fall of 54gene: The Story of a Genomic Startup
Hold tight as we unravel the gripping saga of 54gene—a genomic startup that soared to the stars only to experience the cosmic turbulence of the biotech universe. From global genomics dreams to a COVID-19 pivot, this article takes you on a rollercoaster, reminding us all that even the boldest ventures must navigate the twists and turns of innovation. [Continue Reading]

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