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They never loved us πŸ’”

Across Africa, governments follow the same pattern: they tell us whatever we want to hear before elections. Once elected, they do everything in their power to not fulfill any of the promises, worse, they attack us. This needs to change.

#FreeSenegal - What is happening in Senegal?

It appears as if we are unable to process the nuance that it is possible for both Ousmane Sonko's rape allegations to be true and for the claims that President Macky Sall is using the rape charges for political reasons.

Every day is #InternationalWomensDay πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

The world, and especially business and work, is still very dominated by men. As such we all need to be aware of this and do whatever is possible to empower women.

Everything's for sale 🎧

It's about time that music artists got better options when it comes to monetization on the internet. The Square acquisition of TIDAL has the potential to offer artists better options.

Questions around WhatsApp's Privacy Policy in South Africa as it announces new desktop app

WhatsApp announces video and voice calls on its desktop app as it is being questioned by South African policymakers around its Privacy Policy.

β‚Ώitcoin going mainstream? πŸ›’

Interesting to observe across different African countries is how the devaluing (very quick devaluing) of various countries' currencies is leading Africans (a small portion of Africans at the moment) towards using Bitcoin as a store of value.

The internet is healing β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή

Twitter and SoundCloud are the latest Big Tech companies to adopt models that benefit their ecosystem of users and creators. It's amazing to see as the internet "heals" from predatory and cannibalistic models.