If not careful, Afrika could undergo a second colonization. This time around the process will be more stealth than the initial one which was initiated by the infamous Berlin Conference of 1884 to 1885. This time around Afrikan countries are at risk of losing their sovereignty to multinational Big Tech companies that use their free service offerings as potential trojan horses to making the policymakers dependent on them, in the process, eroding away independence.

In this issue 💬 :

  • Digital Age State Sovereignty: The world is changing at a fast pace and given that almost everything that a state works with is being digitized, this adds a new dimension to what sovereignty means.
  • Rewriting Narratives: We must write and tell our stories as Afrikans. We must do that across various sectors of society including in business and also with regard to innovation and technology.
  • Financial Exclusion: The predatory fees and concerns around some mobile money services.
  • ...and more.

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