As each year passes we hear of Afrikan tech startups raising record amounts of Venture Capital (VC) money to scale their innovations. Some of what they offer are products targeted at poorer people. In some cases some of these products are exploitative, in some other cases, they are useful, either way no matter how much we try to innovate around poverty the only answer is first to hack poverty away, and then everything else falls into place.

In this issue 💬 :

  • Hack poverty away: The reality is that (digital) innovation has its limits. Most of these limits are brought about mainly because many people are unemployed and have little to no income.
  • Suffocating fake news: To kill or minimize fake news you have to suffocate it from its oxygen, i.e. engagement.
  • Rich but poor: Afrika, or rather its citizens, are poorer compared to other continents that are not fortunate to have so many natural resources. Why?
  • Empowering neighborhood retailers: With the acquisition of Ghana's Green Lion, Nigeria's TradeDepot hopes to empower neighborhood retailers across Afrika.
  • ...and more.

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