If you attended enough technology conferences over the past 20 years across Africa, irrespective of what the main theme of the conference is, you would have heard at least one speaker talk about how mobile phones are leading to Internet adoption in Africa or another speaker talk about “500 million mobile phones in Africa!”

My favorite over the years is one speaker I forget referring to, back then, the Samsung E250 as the “modern-day AK-47.” I kid you not.

For me, over and above all, this enthusiasm about mobile phone penetration rates in Afrika is how well equipped and educated are Afrikans who are coming online (World Wide Web) for the first time in 2020 via a mobile phone. This is important if we are not only going to create value (laying the foundations) for Afrika’s digital economy but capture a good chunk of that value too (make money as Afrikans, from Afrikan consumers).

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