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Restructuring the troubled entertainment industry

The entertainment sector in Africa continues to face endemic issues particularly affecting creators, who arguably put in most of the work but perpetually seem to pick the short end of the stick.

M-PESA has achieved a key milestone in Kenya

The number of businesses in Kenya using Safaricomโ€™s popular Lipa na M-PESA service has now crossed the 200,000 mark according to the company.

Social media is possibly leveling Kenyaโ€™s political field

In Kenya, social media platforms are a tool for communication and not an end in themselves. For more effective messages, even political candidates for lower offices may need to engage paid communication managers.

Kenya's eCitizen punitive convenience fee

Charging KShs 35 for balance inquiry is too expensive when the actual cost from the telcos is about KShs 1. This attempt to make money from every possible non-core service makes the product expensive and the result is that competitors will innovate around that.

Building a secure African digital ecosystem

World Cyber Security Summit - Africa succeeded in bringing in fresh narratives, innovative ideas and awareness on key areas such as cyber threat intelligence, data governance, data privacy and cyber regulations in the African region.

Safaricom and Google partnership hopes to increase smartphone penetration

Safaricom and Google have entered into a partnership that aims to empower one million Kenyans to acquire a 4G enabled smartphone and increase data consumption for Safaricom and empower the phone user to do much more than is possible on a feature phone.

The dark shadow of Fintech

Cash becomes a preferred option as compared to Fintech services when access to these Fintech services is costly or is suddenly not available at a time of need.