An agreement was reached between Angola Cables and the North American data center owner and developer, Flexentia. Through this agreement, businesses and organizations in Afrika will now have the option of accessing 40 data centers in the USA.

The partnership was announced at International Telecoms Week (ITW) in Washington, USA.

"Our partnership with Flexential will strengthen interconnection options across southern and West Africa. Plugging into Flexential's extensive network of data centers in the U.S. will benefit our clients in Africa by not only extending their presence and exposure to the highly active U.S. market but will open up further opportunities for enterprises in Africa to establish direct connections with parent companies, subsidiaries, business partners and suppliers across the U.S." said Ângelo Gama, CEO of Angola Cables.

🗺️ A Map of Flexentia's data centers. Source: Flexentia.

Data centers in Afrika

In just over a decade, Afrika's innovation and digital technology sectors have grown by leaps and bounds. Apart from the growth of blue-chip companies, we have also witnessed new startups being born and scaling rapidly in their own countries or across the continent.

However, for this growth to be sustained it is going to be necessary that more and more colocation data centers are built around the continent. Access to other data centers outsideAfrika is also beneficial, however, the ideal situation is more data centers in Afrika.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, Afrika had a total of 97 colocation data centers as per iAfrikan Insights data. That's an impressive growth from 2021's 69 colocation data centers across the continent.

Access to a global data center network

What is interesting is that the agreement means that businesses in Afrika will have access to approximately 60 data centers across Flexential's global network utilizing Angola Cables’ Global Data Center Interconnect solution. which has significant benefits for multinational companies and enterprises that are looking for secure, low-latency connections that can manage large amounts of data and contents, safely and securely.

“Through this agreement we are collectively able to extend our managed services and tailored IT and data center solutions to customers and enterprises on the African continent. Given the significant presence we're already seeing from customers, including over-the-top (OTT) providers, hyperscalers and Fortune 500 companies in the African region, we're excited to bring these organizations a new level of international capacity and connectivity via new cross-connect options." said Tim Parker, Senior Vice President, Network Strategy at Flexential.

— By Tefo Mohapi

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