Stars From All Nations (SFAN), the alternative education company that helps Afrika's youth to reach their full potential, has announced that applications are now open for its ReadyforWork digital career accelerator. This will mark cohort 4 of the digital career accelerator program by Stars from All Nations.

Those interested need to apply by 10 April 2022.

“SFAN has compiled an innovative approach to lessons, enabling students to participate in courses actively and acquire problem-solving skills and rapid intellectual development. I have no background in marketing and was apprehensive about enrolling in a marketing course. But the lessons were so practical and easy to master. Now I am receiving several job offers which have boosted my self-confidence, and I am ready to face the corporate world with a smile. I can’t wait for students worldwide to join the ReadyforWork family. Thank you, Tom-Chris, and your amazing team!” wrote Kezia Ouomoye Owusu-Ankomah, ReadyforWork alum.

Youth unemployment in Afrika

Afrika, as in most Afrikan countries, is a youthful continent. The majority of countries on the continent have a median age of below 35 years old.

Median age across different countries in Afrika.
📊 The median age across different countries in Afrika.

The fact that Afrika is a youthful continent is what makes the unemployment statistics around the continent worrying. Although Afrika in general is plagued by high unemployment, it is the 16 to 35 years old age group which has the highest rate of unemployment in many key Afrikan markets such as South Afrika and Nigeria.

South Africa and Nigeria, both considered key economies on the continent, both have high youth unemployment rates at 66,5% and 53,4% respectively. However, what is even more worrying is that Afrikan governments appear clueless in how to tackle this ticking time bomb of youth unemployment which continues to grow.

Youth unemployment in Afrika.
📊 Youth unemployment in Afrika.

It is hoped that programs like SFAN's ReadyforWork digital career accelerator will go a long way to addressing the youth unemployment problem across Afrika by getting youth ready to be employable.

Digital career accelerator

SFAN launched ReadyforWork in 2018 and has completed three pilot cohorts, with graduates finding permanent employment immediately after program completion.

The ReadyforWork platform is said to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to train entry-level job seekers on job-relevant skills and help talent managers make data-driven hiring decisions. Unlike platforms that focus on providing certification and best-of-knowledge tools, which yields little benefits for beneficiaries, ReadyforWork flips the script upside down with industry-driven content and direct job access.

The ReadyforWork digital career accelerator is searching for the best and brightest candidates who want to advance their careers in Finance, Digital Marketing, and UI/UX. Selected candidates will pay $0 in tuition fee to complete the six-week course. They will also enjoy pecks, including direct access to jobs, continuous career coaching, and networking opportunities with peers on the platform.

— By Tefo Mohapi

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