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How to protect your hard drives during transportation

Hard drives and flash drives may be small devices, but they are delicate and require extra care when packaging them and moving them from one destination to another.

How to start a business without having the capital, time, or ideas?

Many people think you need a super site, a graphic designer for marketing, funds in infrastructure, etc. Of course not. Before your idea is tested, you don't even need a site. You can start by writing a helpful report on an item that your potential customers would like to read.

The role of crypto trading signals In profitable trading of crypto

You'll barely make any money trading digital currencies if you don't have a trading strategy. Learning about different crypto trading strategies and groups is crucial if you want to increase the earnings from your crypto investments.

UNDP and CSIR launch affordable internet connectivity in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

The project by the CSIR and UNDP was first launched in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, with Mdantsane Mobile. The most recent launch was held in KZN with Adnotes TVWS Network.

Why betting apps haven't managed a foothold in South Africa

With the rollout of the technological revolution, there is much we have played witness to. One of the most life-changing and chief amongst them have been mobile apps, and it is no wonder that betting, in its efforts to keep up with the times, has embraced this.

What are Africa's most valuable currencies?

Although listed in this article are the most valuable currencies in Africa right now, things can always change at the drop of a hat. Forex markets are fickle things.

Can African players bet on offshore betting sites like Unibet?

It is typical for all casinos to look for a way to make more profits. For this to happen, they would need more customers to bet using their sites. To answer the bigger question, then yes, African players can bet through offshore sites. Check out why this has become a