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Most successful African forex traders revealed

Forex trading has seen a major surge in popularity across the African continent, spurred on by the increasing availability of a fast and affordable internet connection. Here's a list of the most successful forex traders in Africa.

Cybersecurity trends for enterprises in 2020

This episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast is a recording from the World Cyber Security Summit - Africa Edition 2020. It is a cross-industry panel discussion on cybersecurity trends for enterprises in 2020.

The 411 on storing documents (must keep for 5 years)

If you want to run an efficient business that can electronically create, store, and manage its documents, Electronic Records Management systems are a must for your company. What’s more, these systems allow collaborations to run smoothly.

A guide to Liverpool v Man United and world star betting

This Sunday the reigning Premier League champions Liverpool host their biggest rivals Manchester United at Anfield. These sides have won 39 league titles between them and this weekend’s winner will go top of the table once again. Ahead of this famous derby, Malawi’s biggest gaming company Premier Bet

A guide to Liverpool and Man United and making your winner bet

It’s been almost 12 years since Liverpool and Manchester United both finished in the top two places in the Premier League. Due to their historical rivalry, Sunday’s clash is probably the biggest game of the season! After all, whichever side takes glory here could be the one to

Premier Bet Zone antecipa Liverpool x Manchester United

Neste domingo, o atual campeão da Premier League, o Liverpool, recebe a equipa que ganhou o título com mais frequência do que qualquer outra, o Manchester United. Este é o maior acontecimento no futebol inglês e a principal empresa de jogos de Angola estudou as principais estatísticas, além dos benefícios

4 different methods to remove a tree

Trees are one of the most important parts of an ecosystem. Our ecosystem consists of both living and non-living things, which coexist to form a place everyone can live in. This includes people, animals, plants, and other organisms. Mainly, trees help in keeping the balance between health and the environment.