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Keeping a watch on the technology watchmen

Technology is increasingly being used for public focused functions. These are public functions that have traditionally been reserved for governments to deliver or facilitate.

The thin line between market dominance through innovation and monopoly

Appleโ€™s conduct [vs Epic Games] locks consumers in, preventing them from moving to other systems due to high switching costs. This restricts choice and monopolizes the market.

World Cyber Security Summit 2021 review

In its 10th edition now, The World Cyber Security Summit, is the assembly point for Africaโ€™s cyber defence cavalry. Every year, cybersecurity practitioners from across Africa gather to take stock of the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape.

Africaโ€™s cloud is a matter of data sovereignty and national security

Africa is in an innovation battle over its cloud computing landscape. Multinationals are quickly scrambling and consolidating their positions as โ€˜kings of dataโ€™ in Africa.