Andela, the global marketplace for remote technical talent, has announced the launch of a platform designed to create a more direct, personalized recruitment experience for both talent and recruiters. It has also expanded its offering to include high-quality talent matching in new practice areas: design, data, and/or product managers as well as unveiling its new brand identity.

Andela's new customizable platform is said o have been purpose-built to match elite talent with jobs that fit, not just technical requirements, but personal work preferences too – 70% faster than traditional in-house recruiting.

“Amazon, Apple, and Netflix have changed every aspect of our lives — from how we shop to how we consume culture and everything in between. As a result, personalization has become a basic expectation. This is why we’ve built our new platform — to help talent find jobs that match more than just their technical skills. Instead, we help them find careers that match their lives. This works well for recruiters, too. Instead of wasting time sifting through resumes and screening calls, our platform identifies talent that fits their exact needs, helping companies find top talent in less than two weeks, and often in just two to three days," said Jeremy Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Andela.

Talent network

With the announcement of the new platform, Andela’s clients can now choose their level of service - their existing white-glove hands-on supported approach or rapid self-service through their new platform. The company’s new platform uses data-driven technology and algorithms to make smart match recommendations, instantly. With no lengthy contract periods or unnecessary calls with sales teams, the platform cuts down the time it takes for hiring managers and recruiters to move through the hiring lifecycle.

To get started on the new platform, hiring managers simply create a company profile, post a job, and can see their curated candidates instantly. Andela’s matching accounts for depth and breadth of skill requirements, timezone and working hour overlaps, industry expertise, and team fit.

“Our data-driven approach to connecting talent with global opportunities now offers personalised and bespoke experiences for recruiters and candidates alike. Talent can now choose offerings that better suit their skills and lifestyle, while recruiters can quickly identify and hire candidates with the right skills and experience for their organization in as little as 48 hours, helping them increase efficiency and productivity," said Agnes Muthoni, Director, Andela Learning Community at Andela.

Andela's new platform.
💻 Andela's new platform.

New Andela branding

Together with the announcemennt of the new platform, Andela has revealed a new visual brand identity meant to better reflect the evolution of both the company as well as the global talent industry that it has helped to spawn. The brand evolution brings a contemporary look while better connecting with the company’s human-centric mission.

“It’s always hard to change a brand that’s become iconic. In many ways, Andela’s brand has been a source of inspiration to software developers around the world who share our belief that brilliance is evenly distributed. That said, brands have to evolve alongside the companies they represent. I’m proud of what the team delivered and excited to show the new Andela to the world.” said Johnson.

— By Tefo Mohapi

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