Maathai Impact Award—a beacon celebrating African innovators utilizing machine learning and AI for positive change. An annual spectacle at the Deep Learning Indaba, this award echoes Wangari Maathai's legacy by recognizing outstanding contributions across technology, society, the environment, and the economy.

First in the spotlight is Courteney Mukoyi, founder of the Justice Code Foundation. iAfrikan Bytes takes you through a riveting episode, uncovering how this tech-driven organization is rewriting the narrative of Human Rights advocacy in Zimbabwe. From promoting transparency to ensuring justice access, Courteney's work is a superhero saga where technology becomes the catalyst for societal transformation

Hold onto your tech hats as iAfrikan Bytes cranks up the volume on Paul Kennedy, Chief of Staff at Zindi. This episode transforms into a symphony of data science innovation, showcasing how Zindi, Africa's data science hub, connects minds, fosters learning, and tackles global challenges. Paul's narrative is not just an interview; it's a glimpse into the heartbeat of a data revolution that's redefining the tech landscape

Join us on iAfrikan Bytes for an insightful conversation that goes beyond the code and uncovers the real-world impact of technology.

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