Nyagaka Anyona Ouko

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The curious case of Nyagaka Anyona Ouko, Safaricom responds - Part III

Having delivered his Mobile Cash Transfer proposal to Safaricom Ltdโ€™s then Chief Executive Officer, Michael Joseph, Nyagaka Anyona Ouko was told to wait a few months as the company looked into it. It turned out that the only other time he would โ€œhearโ€ from the company again was when

The curious case of Nyagaka Anyona Ouko, the mobile money transfer innovator - Part II

Technology startups in Afrika face many obstacles ranging from lack of funds for starting up and expansion, up to and more frustratingly including government red-tape and bureaucracy. Nyagaka Anyona Ouko experienced one such frustrating experience which forced him to change strategy, and led him into more obstacles. As told in

M-PESA's origins

Hailed as the โ€œKenyan technology success storyโ€, many have claimed M-PESA to be a testimony to the greatness of the East African countryโ€™s technology scene, producing world-class technology companies that rival those in South Africa. However, is the acclaimed mobile money service really Kenyan at all? The answer is