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Social media is possibly leveling Kenyaโ€™s political field

In Kenya, social media platforms are a tool for communication and not an end in themselves. For more effective messages, even political candidates for lower offices may need to engage paid communication managers.

Fake accounts are constantly trying to manipulate what you see on social media

Undoubtedly youโ€™ve heard reports that hackers and even foreign governments are using social media to manipulate and attack you. You may wonder how that is possible. All is not as it appears on social media.

What you should not do to get followers on Instagram

To gain followers on Instagram: Interact authentically. We know it takes much longer, but if you leave real comments on people's photos, they will value it much more. And this will make you get organic followers.

Digital crack

Just like drugs or their pharmaceutical equivalents, apps sometimes first start as being useful but given how they are designed, they often times end up creating a dependency or addiction.

The day the free platforms shut down

One day you will wake up and find that your favorite social media and blogging platforms have shut down, disappearing with the online community of fans and followers that you built. What happens then?

Technologies that keep you addicted

Social media has a tendency of being addictive. As such, shouldn't it be regulated in the same manner that tobacco companies are regulated?

A turning point in social media

Removing the โ€˜likeโ€™ counter from Instagram may be a good thing for the everyday user - they may focus on the social community aspect of social media instead of the competitive need for more โ€˜likes.