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Information Security

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Research suggests TikTok is effectively spyware


According to a programmer, based on what the source code contained, TikTok is effectively "legitimate spyware." Over and above the data that TikTok collects, the main contention has been that the app sends all this data to the company's head office in China.

How Truecaller puts your privacy at risk


Truecaller allows its users to have caller ID service despite not having the caller's telephone number in their phone's address book. Added to the caller ID feature, another popular feature on the Truecaller app is the call blocking one. But it violates privacy regulations.

KCB system security flaw exposed


Chris Irakoze, a programmer from Burundi, exposed a data breach KCB Bank's (Kenya) mobile app which exposed details of 500,000 customers. Irakoze first mentioned the data breach in September 2016.

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