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Technology is helping museums manage outdated exhibitions

There are plans to create augmented and virtual reality applications from digitised museum exhibition. Additionally, the digital models could be 3D printed to create scaled-down versions of the fossil models.

Exercise caution when distributing mobile phone videos of black people being killed

The USA has a centuries-old tradition of killing black people without repercussion – and of publicly viewing the violence. Spreading those images can disrespect the dead and traumatize viewers.

Early humans in Africa may have interbred with an extinct species

Early humans in Africa may have interbred with a ghost population that likely split from the ancestors of humans and Neanderthals between 360,000 and 1.02 million years ago.

The connection between Shaka Zulu, decolonization and mathematical models

Decolonising mathematical sciences is possible. The answer lies in rediscovering existing African examples of teaching maths and including them in the Western body of knowledge.

Professor Mobisson paved the way for Nigeria's technology sector

Upon returning to Nigeria in 1981 after studying at MIT, when the civil war had ended, Professor Oliver Udemmadu Ogbonna Mobisson helped with the founding of Africa’s first-ever technology university known as Anambra State University of Science & Technology (ASUTECH).

Professor Calestous Juma's impact on Africa's science and technology fields

Professor Calestous Juma's science and technology contributions were not only academic. He helped engineer, among others, a cooking stove whose improved efficiency minimized the adverse health effects of indoor smoke.

How the Mophatlane brothers built a $200 million tech company

A quick look back in history how the Mophatlane brothers went on to build a behemoth of an ICT company, BCX, that would later be sold to South Africa’s Telkom for approximately $200 million.