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Facebook is looking to de-platform GovChat from WhatsApp

Eldrid Jordaan, founder, and CEO of South African citizen engagement platform, GovChat, has asked the Competition Tribunal to stop Facebook from de-platforming his company's access to the WhatsApp Business API.

Government processes in Kenya have inefficiencies that aid corruption

Why are government processes in Kenya so complicated and why are they equally poor even when they are digitized?

What's causing electricity load-shedding in South Africa?

Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, has a litany of financial and operational problems. South Africans should brace themselves for steeper electricity price increases.

Plans to provide internet access for all are lagging

Internet is a ‘lifeline not a luxury’ in the COVID-19 era. Strong policies on broadband infrastructure and access are needed to drive down prices

Failure to disclose messages to Kenya's government could lead to a fine

In many countries, there are limited legal options for a government that wants to access private information stored on devices such as mobile phones. This could change in Kenya.

Becoming an ICT practitioner in Kenya

Kenya's new proposed regulation seeks to license ICT Practitioners in the country and define who qualifies to be licensed. In this article, we look at who meets the cut.

Uganda’s strategy to create jobs for young people isn't working

The Ugandan government’s most significant intervention to address the youth employment challenge is probably the National Youth Policy. Under the policy, launched in 2001, micro-projects conceived by small groups of young people are directly funded by the government.