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Digital evidence of #EndSARS army shooting will make impunity hard for Nigeria's government

It’s relatively common for armed forces to open fire on peaceful protesters in Nigeria. Previously, the government would control the flow of information and as a result, the popular narrative. This time, they can't.

Cameroon suspends new phone tax payment method

Even before the Cameroonian leader called for the suspension of the mobile phone tax on 19 October 2020, key stakeholders involved in the process such as telephone network providers, operators of the electronic platform which was to collect the payment.

#EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria protests are unlikely to end soon

The #EndSars protests in Nigeria have so far grown in influence despite the presidential order to dissolve the unit. For a good number of reasons, the protesters will continue to reorganize themselves if their demand for police brutality to end is only seen on paper.

Creating a national database of addresses for South Africa

In South Africa, address data are maintained in silos at different government entities. There is limited coordination and adherence to international standards; a good practice is lacking around information management.

Online #EndPhoneTax protest against a new mobile phone tax in Cameroon

There's an ongoing social media campaign for the government to halt the implementation of a new method for the payment of Customs clearance fees for imported mobile devices. The method pushes the burden of payment to the final user in case of default by the importer.

For police brutality to end, the Nigerian Police Force needs to be scrapped

The Nigerian Police Force has been ranked as the most corrupt public institution in Nigeria. This means that if the government wanted to fight corruption, the first place to start should be the office of the Inspector-General of Police.

Cameroon’s tax platform suffered a cyberattack

The digital platform used by the government of Cameroon for the management of taxes is said to have suffered what has been qualified by some as a major cyberattack.