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Research reveals the top drivers of e-commerce in Africa

The world has become more digital as people have been bound home more due to the various lockdowns across the continent. This has translated into significant growth of e-commerce across Africa.

What are Africa's most valuable currencies?

Although listed in this article are the most valuable currencies in Africa right now, things can always change at the drop of a hat. Forex markets are fickle things.

Spotify is now available in over 80 new countries including several across Africa

Spotify is expanding to 80 plus countries including several across Africa. The announcement will be welcomed by many music artists across Africa who have fans in their countries where Spotify was not available.

Mobile health services could be useful in parts of Ghana if they have the human touch

Mobile health service providers in Ghana should empower their personnel through the provision of periodic training on good customer relations.

Upcycling e-waste trash in Ghana into treasure

Global electronic waste expected to double by 2050. Informal e-waste repairs could improve the environment and livelihoods. It is important to develop training programmes developing the future of e-waste communities.

Drones are being used in Ghana in the fight against COVID-19

Ghana has enlisted the services of Silicon Valley drone company, Zipline, in its fight to stop the spread of COVID-19. Zipline first started working with the government of Ghana in 2019 for the delivery of medical supplies.

Radio in Ghana went from a mouthpiece of politicians to a voice of the people

Even in the age of social media, the majority of people in Ghana still listen to radio. There has been a steady rise in radio production in Ghana over the past 20 years.