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Future of artistic expression in Africa lies in non-fungible tokens

As we look to millennials and generation Zā€™s ambition to take charge of this technology, bridging cultural art and relics into the future by digitizing and upgrading with NFT standards, ensures African cultural aspirations do not become extinct.

The role of crypto trading signals In profitable trading of crypto

You'll barely make any money trading digital currencies if you don't have a trading strategy. Learning about different crypto trading strategies and groups is crucial if you want to increase the earnings from your crypto investments.

Mastercard to accept cryptocurrencies on its network

Mastercard will soon, later in 2021, support cryptocurrency transactions on its network. This announcement came at a time when crypto is gaining popularity and prices reaching all-time highs.

Some cryptocurrencies predictions for 2021

As far as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin go, ongoing volatility, further progress on regulations, and continued interest from institutional investors can be expected in 2021.

Binance launched its own blockchain

The world's largest cryptocurrencies exchange has gone ahead and launched its own blockchain to compete with Ethereum.

This is how Satoshi Nakamoto started Bitcoin 10 years ago

Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Luno names Johannesburg as its headquarters for Afrika

Luno announces new Afrika headquarters in Johannesburg.