Traditional broadcast platforms such as TV and radio continue to be important for content consumption and advertising. In this episode of The Lead Creative, we are joined by Melissa Attree, who is a Marketing and Digital Communications specialist to make sense of how advertising will remain relevant in the advent of on-demand content.

The growth of on-demand content and streaming platforms like Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and others may have adverse effects on advertising. As people gain access to connected devices, they can avoid unsolicited brand content. Melissa Attree unpacks some insights and strategies that brands can use to connect with customers.

In this episode of The Lead Creative podcast, Melissa talks about the rise of streaming services and how this affects advertising. She also discusses the importance of collaboration in influencer marketing initiatives where brands, agencies, and influencers can work effectively.

“We are definitely seeing a lot more brands being interested in purpose-led content or content that has a social mission attached to it.” - Melissa Attree

Melissa has held many commercial, strategic and creative positions for the past 24 years at agencies and top brands. Some of the brands and agencies that Melissa has been part of, in various executive positions include; Ogilvy, Cerebra, 5FM, L'Oreal and many others.

‎The Lead Creative: Melissa Attree discusses the rise of on-demand content on Apple Podcasts
‎Show The Lead Creative, Ep Melissa Attree discusses the rise of on-demand content - 29 Oct 2020
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