When Maged first told me that he would be cycling and hitch-hiking across Africa I thought to myself this is a weird way to punish oneself considering he could at minimum do the trip using a car. However, having spoken to him during this podcast there are clearly some important lessons one learns on such an excursion.

Maged Ahmed Korga is an Egyptian ex-Google software engineer who decided, in between switching jobs from Google in San Francisco to a startup that develops technology for self-driving vehicles, to take a 90-day trip across Afrika on a bicycle. In this podcast, he shares some of his observations on this trip including experiencing racism in South Africa, the kindness of strangers, how d tigitalechnology won't necessarily lift most Afrikans out of poverty, and more.

Interestingly, Maged also makes a case for how it is better to travel away from the typical tourist areas in any country if you really want to learn about a country and its people.

‎The Tefo Mohapi Show: Maged Korga on cycling across Africa and ICT4D on Apple Podcasts
‎Show The Tefo Mohapi Show, Ep Maged Korga on cycling across Africa and ICT4D - 9 Dec 2019
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