Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the ever-evolving world of start-ups, you're in the right place

From the latest trends in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to the future of healthcare and sustainability, iAfrikan BYTES explores the vast spectrum of tech start-ups revolutionizing our lives.

In this episode of iAfrikan BYTES, we are joined by the founder and CEO of Barz.app Ntsako Mgiba to kick off a series documenting the journey of Barz. This app enhances the podcast listening experience and enables you to capture each note without taking your hands off the steering wheel or the broom.  

‎iAfrikan BYTES: Ntsako Mgiba On Jonga And, Bars.app on Apple Podcasts
‎Show iAfrikan BYTES, Ep Ntsako Mgiba On Jonga And, Bars.app - 12 Jun 2023
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