Unreasonably high data charges in South Africa have caused a stir; as part of the #DataMustFall campaign, millions of South Africans vented their annoyance on social media.

In order to address this broadband deficiency, Project Isizwe was established in 2013. Funded by the  City of Tshwane, the project gave 600,000 monthly citizens 500MB per day via free WiFi access at 1050 public WiFi hotspots throughout the city.

Revolutionising Township Connectivity: Isizwe's Paygo Township Fiber 

After successfully piloting their 'for-profit' initiative Kayamandi, they connected 891 families with affordable internet, at 100mbps for a low charge of R5 per day.

In this episode of iAfrikan BYTES, we speak with Alan Knott Graig, founder of Isizwe, about their disruptive fiber-to-shack business model.

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‎Show iAfrikan BYTES, Ep Fiber-to-shack,Disruption or Gamble? - 29 May 2023
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