Political narratives shape public opinion, influence policy, and spur societal change, making social media an important forum for political dialogue and discussion. Social media listening tools have become important resources for following and keeping an eye on political discourses on the platform. Insights into the frequency, sentiment, and distribution of political conversations are provided by these tools, which collect, analyze, and visualize data from social media platforms.

In this episode of iAfrikan BYTES, we're joined by journalist, Molebogeng Mokoka and senior research analyst, Euston Witbooi from The Center for Analytics and Behavioral Change. We discuss standard techniques like keyword tracking, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, influencer identification, geolocation tracking, real-time monitoring, and data visualization. We also look at how social media listening tools track and monitor political narratives, lastly, they share insights and data on the National Shutdown Deep Dive Report and Xenophobia-Social Media Analytics Report.

‎iAfrikan BYTES: Data and Analytics on South Africa #NationalShutDown Protest on Apple Podcasts
‎Show iAfrikan BYTES, Ep Data and Analytics on South Africa #NationalShutDown Protest - 26 Apr 2023
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