Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a groundbreaking field of computer science that is transforming how we interact with technology and revolutionizing various industries. The recent release of Chat GPT beta has generated excitement and showcased the immense power of AI, particularly through large language models.

One notable contribution to the AI revolution in Africa comes from AI research Lab Lelapa AI. With a mandate to strengthen AI research capacity on the African continent, Lelapa AI aims to empower developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to harness the potential of AI for positive impact.

In this episode of iAfrikan BYTES, we are joined by Prof Vukosi Marivate, co-founder of Lelapa AI and Chair of the Data Science for Social Impact Research Group at the University of Pretoria. Prof Marivate's work exemplifies the growing presence and influence of AI in Africa, as he leads efforts to leverage AI for addressing social challenges and driving innovation in the continent. Through initiatives like Lelapa AI, Africa is poised to embrace and benefit from the advancements in AI, shaping the future of technology and driving positive change across the continent.

‎iAfrikan BYTES: Prof. Vukosi Marivate On Lelapa AI on Apple Podcasts
‎Show iAfrikan BYTES, Ep Prof. Vukosi Marivate On Lelapa AI - 19 Apr 2023
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