Afrika has been incorrectly labeled the "black continent" for millennia, implying a lack of knowledge production, insufficient electricity, or poor leadership. Afrika has promising economies, a large young population, and rising mobile phone penetration - 495 million mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Afrika alone.

As such, the term "dark continent" has never been further from the truth than it is now.

"During the early 90s at international conferences there used to be a cliché that there are more phones in Manhattan than all of Afrika. Now we have a billion mobile phones in Afrika." - Andile Ngcaba, Executive Chairman at Convergence Partners

We spoke with Andile Ngcaba, executive chairman and founding partner of Convergence Partners, to debunk this myth. Through the acquisition of South Africa's Syrex, a cloud hyper-convergence company,  by inq., a Convergence Partners company, Ncgaba reveals Convergence Partners' investment approach towards digitizing Afrika, knitting an Afrikan digital village.

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