Nigeria is no different from most Afrikan, if not all, in that most of its retail supply chain is informal and fragmented. Many companies have tried to tackle this market by introducing e-commerce business models that have worked in North America and Europe but they fast learn that the conditions on the ground in Afrika are very different.

What makes this retail supply chain problem even more complex to solve is that each country is different and requires local understanding and adaptation of processes and business models. Having said that, there are many common things among Afrikan countries and cities when it comes to the retail sector.

Joining us on this episode of the iAfrikan BYTES podcast is Onyekachi Izukanne, the Founder and CEO of Nigeria’s TradeDepot. He walks us through what TradeDepot does, its expansion plans, and also shares some tips for startups looking to raise venture capital funding.

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‎Show iAfrikan BYTES, Ep Formalizing and digitizing Africa’s informal retail sector - 26 Jul 2020
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