This episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast is a recording from the World Cyber Security Summit - Africa Edition 2020. The event was successful in bringing in fresh narratives, innovative ideas, and awareness on key areas such as cyber threat intelligence, data governance, data privacy, and cyber regulations across Africa.

Every year that passes Afrikan countries experience a growing number of cyberattacks. These cyber-attacks occur both in the private and public sectors and depending on the type of incident, can threaten national security. This makes it imperative for Afrikan governments to have a holistic view and strategy around cybersecurity.

In this episode, you will hear insights from various stakeholders across Afrika and the Middle East as they discuss how their countries' governments handle cybersecurity and how they attempt to have a coordinated plan.

The panel discussion features:

Tefo Mohapi, iAfrikan Media (Moderator)

Peter Kahigi, Director e-Government Services, National Information Technology Authority -Uganda (NITA-U)

Rebecca Keli, Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, Kenya

Muyowa Mutemwa, Cyber Security Operations Manager and Senior Cyber Security Specialist, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa

Ashish Khanna, ISO, Dubai Health Authority, United Arab Emirates

Themba Mnguni, Deputy Director, IT Audit, Department of Rural development and Land Reform, South Africa

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‎Show Tech Legal Matters, Ep An African approach to cybersecurity - 12 Oct 2020
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