Airtel Africa, a telecom leader, is set to broaden its data center operations across the continent, aiming to bolster Africa's tech infrastructure and drive economic growth.

In line with this strategy, the company has announced plans to establish a new data center in Nairobi, Kenya, following its earlier initiative in Nigeria. The Nairobi facility, with a capacity of seven megawatts, will cater to the needs of telecommunications and other sectors, contributing to improved digital services accessibility and lower data management costs.

During a recent conference call, Airtel Africa's CEO, Segun Ogunsanya, outlined the company's timeline for infrastructure development in Nigeria and Kenya, targeting completion by mid-2026. These data centers are positioned as essential assets in the company's portfolio, set to be commercially operated.

The move reflects Airtel Africa's commitment to diversifying revenue sources beyond traditional telecom services and mobile money sectors. The launch of Nxtra, its data hub business, underscores this commitment, with a focus on meeting Africa's growing demand for reliable data center capacity.

Nxtra aims to establish a comprehensive network of data centers across major cities, with plans for expansion beyond Nigeria and Kenya to include smaller data centers in Tanzania, DRC Congo, and Gabon. This expansion aligns with Airtel's broader strategy to support Africa's digital economy and foster innovation.

Additionally, Airtel's deployment of 5G sites in Nigeria and Kenya, along with investments in voice and mobile money sectors, underscores its commitment to enhancing connectivity and driving technological advancement across the continent.

As Airtel Africa continues to expand its data center footprint, it signals a new era of growth and opportunity for Africa's tech industry, laying the groundwork for a more connected and prosperous future.

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