Ahead of this week's "Talk And Fireside Chat" about starting up and scaling across 14 African countries, iAfrikan had a Twitter chat session with one of the event speakers and Founder of Fuseware - Michal Wronski. Some of Africa's Technology and Social Media Experts joined in the conversation and the following is how it all went down.

We like to keep our chat sessions shorter than an hour but Twitter had other plans. Picking up from Mike's tweet about low cost smartphones and data taking over the market in coming years:

Mike's tweet about government regulations being a hurdle for startups caught Jonathan Daniel's attention:

There were more "off the hashtag" tweets around the chat session that we haven't captured here. To get more insight on some of the topics discussed and a chance to network with some of South Africa's Technology and Social Media Experts, join us on the 25th of June at Ogilvy and Mather Johannesburg.