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Videoconferencing to be used for government recruitment in Cameroon

The use of videoconferencing for official meetings in Cameroon has become common since the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), now public service recruitment will also happen via videoconferencing.

Zoom offers lower encryption for free users so it can work with law enforcement

Eric Yuan, Zoom's CEO and founder, has stated that the video conferencing service will offer a lower form of encryption. Yuan said this was because the company had agreed to work with law enforcement agencies in the USA.

Tips on how to de-screen

During this time of increased stress, it is important to take a break from screens. Here are some tips to help.

A few guidelines to improve your online meeting experience

Thanks to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, online video meetings are now the norm. Here are a few tips to improve your video meetings experience.

A new phishing attack is targeting Microsoft Teams users

Cybersecurity researchers have reported the discovery of a phishing attack which targets Microsoft Teams users with the aim of stealing their passwords. The attack impersonates e-mail notifications from Microsoft Teams.

South African parliament meeting Zoom-bombed with racial slurs and offensive images

On 7 May 2020, a South African parliament Zoom meeting was interrupted with an unidentified person uttering racial slurs and posting offensive images. Earlier on the day, the parliament's Twitter account published the meeting's credentials including the password.

What you need to know about Zoom's security

The problem for anyone looking for a more private system is that many of Zoom’s competitors have their own similar security issues. For example, Microsoft’s Skype and Teams services also use forms of encryption that give the company control over the keys.