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Encryption's role in the liberation of South Africa

During Apartheid, the movement and communications of political activists in South Africa were monitored by the National Party government of the time. As such, the ANC developed an encryption solution to evade detection.

Growth and impact of mobile technology in Africa

The growth of Africa mobile technology can be attributed to a stable Internet connection. For instance, a country like Kenya is connected internally and externally by four optic cables.

Zambia's ZANACO bank hacked

Hackers managed to breach Zambia's ZANACO bank's systems and conduct a phishing exercise which saw thousands of customers lose their money. The hackers targeted the bank's mobile money platform.

Standard Chartered expands digital banking

Standard Chartered has expanded its digital banking offering to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This follows on the bank launching its digital-only banks in CΓ΄te d'Ivoire, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya.

Cutting malaria deaths by 96% in Zambia

A suppository form of the common antimalarial artesunate has dramatically cut child deaths from severe malaria in a trial in rural Zambia, one of the organisations behind the programme has said. According to the WHO’s world malaria report published in 2017, Zambia's entire population of nearly 17 million people

Tracking the rise of tech hubs across Afrika

Afrika is, at the moment, teetering on the brink of becoming the world's next economic powerhouse. The Forbes billionaire list for 2018 includes a total of 18 Afrikan citizens, predominantly from South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria, while a third of countries in the continent are experiencing an annual rise of

MTN is rolling out 500 new mobile money kiosks in Zambia

MTN Zambia is rolling out 500 new mobile money kiosks in the southern Afrikan country. These kiosks are in addition to the 3,000 "retail points" that they have opened in Zambia. In Zambia, MTN has approximately 6 million subscribers on its network and it is these subscribers