Women In Technology

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Digital technology industry failed a 25-year challenge to achieve gender equality

The Information Technology industry has a long way to go to achieve gender parity. Calming the cultural currents that hold so many women back can move the tech industry closer to the goal of equal representation in the future.

Celebrating Afrikan Women Innovators

"Wathintabafazi wathint’ imbokodo," is a phrase composed to recognize and honor the courage and strength of South African women. The phrase garnered prominence following the event of 9 August 1956 when more than 20,000 South African women from various backgrounds assembled to mobilise a protest against the

The Diversity Conundrum In Technology

When global business and technology leaders sneeze, all ecosystems that look up to them inadvertently catch a cold. The current flu doing rounds is one called diversity and it has caused those of us in the Silicon Savannah to take a hard look inward at the manifest symptoms of deficiency.