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South Africa’s first online rhino horn auction

The first online rhino auction in South Africa during 2017 wasn't a success. This has done very little to help rhinos. It may, in fact, encourage more poaching as demand has not slowed down.

Using Google Images to identify the diet of Africa’s largest eagle

Scientists now have a better understanding of what martial eagles eat. This is valuable for the conservation of this endangered species.

Drones alone won’t save Afrika’s elephants

Drone technology plays a vital role in gathering accurate wildlife data. But this alone isn't enough to save Afrika's elephants.

Niger will use drones to protect almost extinct addax antelopes

Niger turns to drones to protect endangered addax antelopes.

Paul Allen, Microsoft Co-Founder and conservationist, passes away at 65

Paul G. Allen, Microsoft co-founder and conservationist, has passed away at the age of 65.

Using Artificial Intelligence to protect elephants from poachers

The Elephant Listening Project tracks some elephant herds in Afrika by using sensors that detect patterns of elephant calls and gunshots.

Jack Ma honors 50 Afrikan wildlife rangers who are fighting poaching

Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, was among those present at the African Ranger Awards to honor 50 rangers who work on the continent to protect wildlife. The awards ceremony was organizes by The Paradise Foundation, a Chinese conservation charity co-led by Jack Ma. Asha