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WhatsApp has added a feature to help users fact check forwarded messages

WhatsApp has announced that it is piloting a new feature to help users fact check forwarded messages. The feature is being rolled out for pilot in a few countries first.

How apps like WhatsApp are changing Zimbabwe’s talk radio

Apps like WhatsApp have become so pervasive and immersed in our everyday lives that many more people can now easily communicate with larger numbers of contacts than before. In the context of live talk radio, mobile phones are allowing more people to cheaply and conveniently access studio debates.

Cameroon’s anti-graft agency has warned that WhatsApp and Facebook crime on the rise

Fraudsters in Cameroon are posing as officials of institutions organizing public examinations and have been contacting their victims using popular social media networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is changing agri-business in Cameroon

There can be much more to just a messaging application like WhatsApp. In Cameroon, participants in the agriculture sector are using it to boost their agriculture-related activities and grow their income.

Scientists to join in combating pseudoscience on social media

Conspiracy theories appear to explain what we can’t control. They tend to confirm our bias, although false.

Central Bank of Brazil has suspended WhatsApp's payments feature

Brazil's central bank has suspended WhatsApp's payments feature citing competition rules and whether or not it meets the country's requirements. The suspension was issued by instructing VISA and Mastercard not to process payments from the platform.

WhatsApp Group admins can shape the political agenda

We know relatively little about how messaging platforms are reshaping political parties’ internal operations. Unless we turn the spotlight on these internal dynamics, shadow organisations inside parties will continue to influence politics with no accountability.