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USA removes Wakanda as trade partner after initially listing it as one

The USA's Department of Agriculture listed Wakanda as a trade partner only to remove it a day later after many people on Twitter highlighted the error.

Akon, AKoin, and the real-life Wakanda

Senegalese musician, Akon, has announced his new cryptocurrency, AKoin. More interesting is that AKoin forms an important part of Akon's plans for a "crypto city" or what he has called a "Real-life Wakanda." According to the AKoin website, the real-life Wakanda will be built on 2,

Some of the things we spotted in Marvel's Black Panther trailer that are inspired by Afrika

On 10 June 2017, Marvel released the trailer for the Black Panther movie which is set to be released on 16 February 2018. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the Afrikan fantasy country of Wakanda. 🌍 Here is Marvel's #BlackPanther teaser trailer. Premiere on 16 February 2018. 📺 @Marvel