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Raising awareness about the importance of Afrika’s fossil heritage

Palaeontology, like much else in the cultural landscape, has a strong western influence and bias. Students are more likely than not to be given textbooks and external readings from Europe and North America no matter where they are in the world. I often think about my own experiences as a

It's in everybody’s interests to regulate cryptocurrencies

There are growing calls for regulation of the cryptocurrency market, which is rapidly approaching a market capitalisation of $1 trillion. But there’s little agreement about the forms this should take. If the case for government regulation is strong, the case for a clear, coordinated regulatory approach is even stronger.

One of the world’s most famous fossil skulls is actually male and not female as initially thought by South African paleontologists

More than 70 years ago two paleontologists named Robert Broom and John Robinson discovered a skull at the Sterkfontein Caves near Johannesburg. They nicknamed the skull, which is believed to be about 2.5 million years old, “Mrs Ples”. Its scientific name is Australopithecus africanus, and it’s extremely significant

Cape Town’s map of water usage aims to limit water usage by residents

The latest weapon in Cape Town’s water saving arsenal is a map that exposes private meter readings to public scrutiny. The initiative has been launched as the South African city enters the third year of its worst drought on record. Unless residents can cut their daily water use to

South African University's Researchers Link The Brain To The Internet

Biomedical engineers from South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) have succesfully connected a human brain to the Internet in real-time. The research project, titled "Brainternet", streams brain waves onto the Internet. "Brainternet is a new frontier in brain-computer interface systems. There is a lack of easily