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South Africa's COVID-19 storm

COVID-19 has presented South Africa with the gravest crisis in the history of its democracy, according to the countryโ€™s President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Schools in Nigeria lack the curriculum to expose children to digital skills

Despite the presence and potential impact of digital technology in their lives, Nigerian childrenโ€™s digital practices are hampered by a lack of proper support from their homes and in school.

COVI-ID app launched to kickstart South Africaโ€™s economy

The app operates on blockchain technology in order to ensure the privacy of all users information, offering a decentralised solution. One of the unique selling points is that even those without access to a smartphone can benefit and make use of COVI-ID.

Burkina Faso's Marie Korsaga is West Africaโ€™s first female astrophysicist

Marie Korsaga hopes to open astrophysics to other women in Africa. She says astronomy can boost development through jobs and infrastructure.

South Africa wins supercomputing competition

A South African team made up of 6 undergraduate students from the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand has won an international supercomputing competition. The competition took place at the International Supercomputing Conference in Germany.

Scientists are working together to solve one of the universe's mysteries

Perhaps precisely because they are so elusive, Fast Radio Bursts have received a lot of attention in the years since their discovery.

Despite widespread access to mobile phones, the digital divide remains

We don't have the data in developing countries, and in global statistics to know if the digital divide is being closed.