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Digital platforms are giving Kenya’s creatives a lifeline amid COVID-19

In Kenya, artists’ lives have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital platforms useful for survival, but scale is key.

Internet shutdowns are threatening democracy and development

The first case of Internet shutdown in sub-Saharan Africa was in Guinea in 2007. In the intervening years, light has been shone on the devastating impact of shutdowns across Africa.

Cameroon gets e-learning resources boost

UNESCO has donated modern ICT equipment, to the country’s Secondary Education Ministry officials to support an e-learning initiative that was launched during June 2020.

Global e-waste surged up 21% in 5 years

A record 53.6 million tonnes (Mt) of e-waste was produced globally in 2019 — the weight of 350 cruise ships the size of the Queen Mary 2; $57 billion in gold and other components discarded — mostly dumped or burned.

Demand for raw materials for rechargeable electric car batteries is set to rise

According to a new research report, the demand for raw mineral resources used to manufacture rechargeable batteries especially for electric vehicles will grow rapidly as the importance of oil as a source of energy recedes.

Schools in Nigeria lack the curriculum to expose children to digital skills

Despite the presence and potential impact of digital technology in their lives, Nigerian children’s digital practices are hampered by a lack of proper support from their homes and in school.

Data by the UN suggests COVID-19 is driving up hunger

There are strong indications that the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts are driving up hunger in countries that were already experiencing high levels of food insecurity prior to the disease's outbreak.