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COVID-19 vaccine trials are at risk after Africa racism backlash

Many Africans have taken to social media to say that they will not take part in COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials following β€˜racist’ comments from French researchers. As a result, scientists fear COVID-19 clinical research will be compromised.

Fighting malaria using drones in Malawi

The drone makes a conspicuous racket as it lifts off on a mission to capture images of the reservoir below. The sight and sound of this strange device stirs interest among locals as they make their way to and from the town of Kasungu in central Malawi. It takes a

Facebook Announces Disaster Maps To Help Organizations React In Times Of Crisis

Facebook have announced a new initiative titled Disaster Maps which will see the social media company sharing useful data and maps with the relevant organizations during times of crisis. This comes after Facebook has been working with UNICEF, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the