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Demand for raw materials for rechargeable electric car batteries is set to rise

According to a new research report, the demand for raw mineral resources used to manufacture rechargeable batteries especially for electric vehicles will grow rapidly as the importance of oil as a source of energy recedes.

Training Afrikan entrepreneurs to become catalysts for digital transformation

A group of 29 founders and co-founders of platform-based startups in the e-commerce, logistics, FinTech, Big Data, or tourism industfounders across Afrika participated in the eFounders Fellowship programme in Hangzhou, China where Alibaba is headquartered. The entrepreneurs are from 11 different Afrikan countries The eFounders Fellowship is part of a

24 Afrikan entrepreneurs start e-commerce training at Alibaba with Jack Ma

Alibaba Group and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have welcomed the inaugural class of Afrikan entrepreneurs in China for a 2-week intensive course on e-commerce. Named the eFounders Initiative, the program is the brainchild of Alibaba Founder and Executive Chairperson, Jack Ma, aims to to help