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Over 80 million e-mail addresses and passwords leaked including from South Africa and Nigeria

Over 80 million e-mails linked to online accounts and passwords, have been leaked on the Internet. The leaked data comes from a collection of 2,844 files compressed into a 8GB file and posted on a "well-known hacking forum" as Troy Hunt, Security Researcher and Founder of haveibeenpwned,

Is Dracore Data Sciences responsible for South Africa's largest ever data leak?

Earlier on 18 October 2017, we published all the details we knew at the time regarding what we thought was South Africa's largest-ever data breach. This was after I had called Troy Hunt, the security consultant, researcher and founder of have i been pwned?, who had initially discovered and announced

What we know so far about South Africa's largest ever data breach

South Africa has suffered its largest data breach as millions of personal records of anyone, dead or alive, with a South African ID number (13 digit identity number) have been leaked on the Internet. This was first revealed by security consultant and researcher, Troy Hunt, on 17 October 2017. Hunt