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How hackers can access your mobile and laptop cameras

Most attacks happen without a victim even realizing it. And you're not 'safe' just because your device is in sleep mode or hibernation.

A few guidelines to improve your online meeting experience

Thanks to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, online video meetings are now the norm. Here are a few tips to improve your video meetings experience.

Basic tools and tips for working remotely from home

A guideline on where to start and how you can make working remotely a success. If remote work becomes more common, the hustle of an office dress code and commute will die, while geographical barriers that exist when one is looking for a job will end.

How to boost your Internet speed while working from home

Your mobile Internet bandwidth is shared with others in your area. That's why many people trying to access the Internet at the same time results in slower speeds.

Lessons learned while building a tech startup

Some lessons learned through the journey of building a technology startup in Kenya, and other parts of Africa. Hopefully you will relate with some of these lessons in your business, or even in life.

The ultimate must-have apps for sports fans

Sports are a popular hobby for many people. Different countries organize thousands of sports events each year. Betway offers the latest match results for basketball, cricket, hockey, tennis, and volleyball. Some sports fans struggle to track certain sports competitions. App developers create sophisticated applications that cover particular sports. In this

Online tools to scan content for duplication

Content plays a significant role in the success of a website. Many websites provide plagiarism checking tools for making the life of writers a little easier.