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Paystack raises $8 million

Paystack, a Nigeria-based FinTech startup that provides payments tools to businesses in Afrika, has concluded its Series A funding round of $8 million. The Series A funding round was led by Stripe with Visa also participating while Tencent and Y Combinator also participated by providing follow-on funding. ![Nigeria Paystack FinTech

The post 4th Industrial Revolution economy

The world around us is changing rapidly and almost every single business model is impacted by the new digital economy. The meteoric rise of the Big Tech firms has established them as the dominant new business models in the post 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) economy. Apple, Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft,

Tencent Launch JOOX In South Africa After The Music Streaming Service's Popularity In Some Asian Countries

Tencent, the Chinese technology holdings company in which South Africa's Naspers holds a significant shareholding, is introducing it's music streaming service Joox in South Africa. This is after Joox has proved popular in Asia for a couple of years in countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The

Naspers Reports Positive Financial Results Thanks Mostly To Tencent

Naspers announced positive financial results for the 2017 financial year ending March 2017. One of the highlighlts is that the company's revenue grew by 19% year-on-year to $14,6 billion. Notably, Naspers businesses outside of South Africa contributed 80% of revenues. This contribution has increased year-on-year because for the 2016