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NASA’s big mission to search for life on Mars

NASA is taking the next giant leap in its exploration of Mars. The rocks collected by Perseverance may be our only shot in the foreseeable future to search for signs of life with samples from another planet.

What you need to know before paying to fly to space as a tourist

When it comes to commercial space tourism, suborbital flight are the first frontier. However, what are the risks? Are there health requirements? What should you know before taking such a way-out trip?

Corporations could be allowed to own territory in space

Diplomatic manoeuvring can be expected over the coming months as the USA seeks support for its attempt to redirect international space resources law.

Rwanda Space Agency set for July 2020 launch

After launching its first satellite into space, Rwanda has announced that the Rwanda Space Agency will be operational in July 2020. This is after the country's cabinet approved the draft laws to establish the space agency.

What happens to astronauts' brains when in space

So exactly how does the human brain cope with microgravity? Poorly, in a nutshell – although information about this is limited. This is surprising since we’re familiar with astronauts’ faces becoming red and bloated during weightlessness.

Elon Musk's Starlink satellites will cause light pollution and space junk

By 2025 Elon Musk wants to launch 12,000 satellites and corner the global Internet market. What will be lost is earth-based astronomy, the idea that space belongs to us all and the beauty of a starry sky.

Satellites can be hacked and turned into weapons

SpaceX and other companies are rushing to put thousands of small, inexpensive satellites in orbit, but pressure to keep costs low and a lack of regulation leave those satellites vulnerable to hackers.